Background Screening Policy

Background Screening Policy


Leader candidates and other identified staff candidates who could have contact with, or access to, children and/or vulnerable individuals in their roles, must submit a “clear” Vulnerable Sector (VS) verification check report prior to commencing work in services involving children.



To mitigate the risk of placing children in the care of individuals with a history of inappropriate or dangerous behaviour with children. Pursuant to the Criminal Records Act, VS screening was established to provide screening of individuals who intend to work or volunteer with the vulnerable sector.



A Vulnerable Sector police record check will identify if a leader candidate has a history of crime against children or vulnerable others. Requesting a clear VS check demonstrates due diligence towards keeping children safe from physical and sexual abusers. Screening for clearance to work with vulnerable populations may reduce the chance of putting children at risk or into the care of individuals who may have had prior convictions related to the care of children.




A) The process

Indicate in all recruitment promotional materials that candidates will be required to submit a disclosure statement regarding any prior convictions and also submit to a VS police record check regarding any criminal activity involving children or vulnerable individuals. Note: in order to provide adequate time and compliance with this process, the following should be considered:


· Utilizing a commercial service provider with RTID technology (Real Time I.D.) to conduct VS police background checks as they can often conduct these in a condensed timeframe using electronic scanning of fingerprints rather than a scan of a paper-based product


· Fingerprinting may be a requirement of the checking process and this can take up to 120 days for verification, so it may be prudent to schedule recruitment and hiring to

accommodate this process


· Fingerprinting processes, if required, will have an additional charge associated with the service


· Staff and volunteers will receive an email invitation to complete their background screening through MyBackCheck, with all associated costs billed directly to the club.


B) Evidence: We are following the policy if...

All team personnel and designated staff submit completed Vulnerable Sector verifications, prior to commencing employment



C) Communication: Who should know about this policy? How will they be informed?

· All team personnel should be aware of this policy and it should be reinforced through recruitment and training programs and related materials


· Parents/legal guardians/caregivers should be made aware of this policy in parent handbooks, on parent bulletin boards and on the organization’s website


· It is also important to advise all applicants of the following information from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) website:



D) How to support the policy – success factors to consider:

· Commence the recruitment process with sufficient lead time to promote available positions and enable candidates to process appropriate VS verifications as required


· Maintain current awareness of processes involved so as to ensure efficient direction of candidates and processing of background checks



Note: Team personnel = Coaches, managers or any person interacting with children and/or vulnerable individuals



Version Updated: June 1, 2021