Appropriately Trained and/or Certified Coach Policy

Appropriately Trained and/or Certified Coach Policy


Coaches will be placed based on the needs of the children, the number of children and the complexity of each program. Qualified and experienced coaches will supervise children in programs at all times.




Minimum standards regarding child/leader ratios, qualifications, experience and maturity level of coaches need to be established for each program to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in the program.




· Supervising children is an immensely important responsibility. Coaches need to be mature and experienced enough to properly handle difficult situations, such as emergencies, judgment calls about safety, serious conflicts among children and parent complaints. They also need to fully understand the Principles of healthy child development and how they are applied in children’s programs.


· Coaches must possess the proper qualifications (E.g. a coaching certificate from Canada Soccer aligned to the stage & level of the program





A) The process

· Assess each program to determine the developmental needs of the children, the level of risk involved, the complexity of the program, the number of required, and the calibre of leader that is necessary to guarantee a safe and quality experience for children


· Establish supervision and coaching standards and document them for each program to ensure that a safe number of mature, qualified and experienced coaches are in place. Evaluate standards regularly to determine whether they are effective in meeting the needs of children and are current with changes in the requirements of the program. In cases where a professional sport/activity governing body exists, standards may already be established and should be followed accordingly


· Consider the maturity level of a coaching candidate and his/her years of experience working with children when determining whether he/she is suitable for the position


· Request proof that coaching candidates have the required qualifications (E.g. Canada Soccer Coaching Certificate). Put copies in the candidate’s personnel file


· Supervisor/administrator/president/administrator/presidents should review a candidate’s personnel file prior to offering them a coaching position, to ensure that they meet the coaching standards for the program (Does their maturity level, qualifications and years and extent of experience qualify them for the position?)


· Supervisor/administrator/president/administrator/presidents should monitor registration and attendance numbers for programs to ensure that leader/child ratios are not exceeded


· Ask coaches to share information about their qualifications and experience with parents by writing a letter of introduction to parents at the start of the program session



B) Evidence: We are following the policy if...

· Policies and procedures manuals document the supervision and coaching standards established for each program type


· The results of screening processes are documented in each leader’s personnel file. (E.g. references confirm the number of years of experience a candidate has acquired in working with children and swimming instructors have supplied photocopies of aquatic awards)



C) Communication: Who should know about this policy? How will they be informed?

· All coaches, presidents, administrators and managers should be aware of this policy and it should be reinforced through leader training programs and related materials


· Parents/legal guardians/caregivers should be made aware of this policy in parent handbooks, on parent bulletin boards and on the organization’s website



D) How to support the policy – success factors to consider:

· Program policies and procedures manuals can be used to outline supervision and coaching standards for each and every program type. Such documents serve as a consistent reference for all personnel responsible for the selection, hiring, placement, training and supervision of staff and volunteers. The larger the organization, the more important policies and procedures manuals become


· Standards to be considered include supervision ratios and the minimum age, qualifications and experience requirements of coaches



Version Updated: June 1, 2021